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Mysteries of protein folding


Last Update:
Dec 10, 2017


Current Group


Shu-Bing Qian, Ph.D.
Principle Investigator



Rada Omanovic
Research Technician



Ben (Xingqian) Zhang, Ph.D.
Research Associate



Erica (Xin) Shu
NS Graduate Student



Xiao_Min Liu, Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate



Yifei Gu
NS Graduate Student



Quanquan Ji, Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate



Longfei Jia
Visiting Graduate Student



Jun Zhou, Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate



Robert Swanda
BBS Graduate Student



Leiming Dong , Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate



Xia He
NS Graduate Student



Yuanhui Mao, Ph.D.
Postdoc Research Associate



Xin Zong
Visiting Graduate Student







QiFormer Members

Role in the lab
Period in the lab
Positions after our lab
  Wan Ji Postdoc Research Associate 2/2013 - 4/2017 CuraCloud Inc.
  Alex Coots Graduate student (NS) 7/2010 - 8/2016  
  Saisai Wei Postdoc Research Associate 8/2014 - 8/2016 Baker Institute
  Mridu Saikia Postdoc Research Associate 7/2013 - 8/2016 Baker Institute
  Xiangwei Gao Postdoc Research Associate 1/2012 - 8/2015 Zhejiang University
  Botao Liu Graduate student (GGD) 7/2010 - 1/2015 UMass (postdoc)
  Crystal Conn Graduate student (GGD) 7/2009 - 8/2013 UCSF (postdoc)
  Yan Han Postdoc Research Associate 7/2009 - 8/2012 Duke University (Research Associate)
  Hae Jin Kang Undergraduate student (CALS) 1/2011 - 5/2012 Cornell University
  Robert Fragoza Graduate student (BMCB) rotation 3/2012 - 5/2012 Cornell University
  Ivor Shen Undergraduate student (CHE) 1/2011 - 5/2012 Johns Hopkins University
  Haerin Paik Undergraduate student (CALS) 9/2010 - 5/2012 Seoul National University Medical School
  Vincent Yeung Undergraduate student (AS) 3/2009 - 5/2012 Drexel University Medical School
  Sooncheol Lee Postdoc Research Associate 3/2011 - 3/2012 Harvard Medical School
  Soohyun Lee Postdoc Research Associate 1/2011 - 7/2011 Harvard Medical School
  Josephine Lee Undergraduate student (CALS) 9/2009 - 5/2011 Cornell University
  Jun Sun Research Technician 3/2009 - 11/2010 Tianjing University
  C. Vic Innocent Graduate student (G&D) rotation 5/2010 - 8/2010 Cornell University, MBG
  Jessie Luk Undergraduate student (CHE) 6/2009 - 5/2010 Georgetown University
  Elliot Kahen Graduate student (BMCB) rotation 3/2010 - 5/2010 Cornell University, MBG
  Donghao Li Graduate student (G&D) rotation 1/2010 - 3/2010 Cornell University, Weill Institute
  Najah Levers Undergraduate student (CHE) 1/2009 - 12/2009 Cornell University